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I Love Golf Too Much (Part 3)

Two years ago I became the proud owner of my first set of golf clubs.  Ever since I was 13 I used other people’s clubs.  For 15 years I was using my brother’s club because my dad never bought me a set.  He bought my brother two sets.  Not sure why that is, but I think I’m ok with that arrangement now.  Anyways…I get my first set.  I can’t tell you how excited I was.  I took a picture of them and made it my phone’s wallpaper.  I would sit in my office just staring at how beautiful they were.

Well one night my wife said she needed a hand with the laundry.  She said all she needed for me to do was to bring down the baskets containing the dirty clothes and that she would take care of the rest.  I go upstairs and saw 6 baskets of dirty clothes.  I want to go back to looking at my golf clubs so I decide to stack three baskets on top of each other so that I could make it in two trips.  Well our home has wood floors all throughout the house and I was wearing socks.

On the way down my foot slips.  Three baskets go flying into the air.  I fall down trying to brace the fall with my hands.  My hand goes in a direction that was not intended by the design God gave it.  I was in a lot of pain not to mention my back and neck were affected by the impact.  My wife runs over and asks if I am ok.  I am yelling in pain.  The first thing I do when I get up is I put my hands together like I am holding a golf club.  I wanted to see if would be able to hold a golf club.  The pain so great and the injury so severe I knew golf was gone.  I yelled, “No!!!!!”

My wife was half laughing half worried.  Her laughter wasn’t due to the fact that she thought I was funny.  Her laughter was a result of her thinking that I was insane.  Well, I found out that I damaged my joints in two places and had a spiral fracture on my ring finger that took 4 months to heal.  I didn’t get to play with my clubs for 4 months.  It was the most painful 4 months of my life.

As the title says, I love golf too much.

PS: Ever since that injury I walk very slowly down the stairs holding the rails and put my socks on downstairs now.


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  1. pjtibayan says:

    How does this have ZERO comments? This is hilarious! I think much more because I remember how funny you were when we had lunch a few years back. Anyway, praise God you’re healed and that God shows you where potential idolatry is. I’m thinking about printing and posting this somewhere to cheer me up once in a while.

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