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Jungle Fever

Last week I was in Minnesota for three days meeting with denominational leaders.  During my stay I shared meals with some older friends whose children are getting married and/or going to college.  We talked about my last blog entry about the sadness of losing a daughter to another man.  They were sharing with me their firsthand experience of this process.

During one of the dinners we started the typical parents “here’s a funny story about my kids” dialogue (click here for another example).  So I start. I talk about how #2 had a boyfriend by the time she was 4 (click here to read).  One of my friends is close to my age and has four kids.  His wife shares that their daughter, when she was 5 or 6, said to her, “Mommy.  I know who I am gonna marry.”

Mom: Who?

Daughter: Aaron.

Mom: Why do you want to marry Aaron?

Daughter: Because he is a black boy and when we have kids they will look like dalmatians.



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