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Brain Damage

Raising a large family is awesome.  The joy far outweigh the challenge.  As great as it is, parenting does not happen without cost.  I have found that the biggest price I have paid in being a parent is the loss of my memory.  Below are some examples of what I do sometimes because of brain damage.

1. When I call for a kid I yell all five names before I get the right one.  “#1…I mean #2…I mean #4…I mean #3…#5 get down here now!!!

2. When I am alone with the kids I will get them ready and into the car.  I start driving completely forgetting where we are going.  Sometimes I ask the kids where we are going and in the process do example #1 again.

3. On several occasions I have gone into restaurants for take out, paid for the food, and then left without the food.  Each time the cashier had to come out after me to remind me to take the food.

4. One time #2 asked me, “Who is your favorite daughter?”  I answered, “I love all three of you different but the same amount.”  #1 replied, “But you have four daughters.”

5. The other day I took my wife’s car to the market.  When I came out I spent 15 minutes looking for my car.

6. I dial a number and by the time the person picks up I complete forget who I was calling.

7. Everyone walks into a room and forgets why they are there or what they are looking for.  Lately I walk into bathrooms because I have to pee and forget why I am there and then leave without peeing.  Seriously.  Happened a couple times last month.


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4 Responses

  1. Ihna says:

    I’ve done #1 a million times! My parents always did that with just me and my sister and I swore I would never do that with my own kids. Here I am with only 2 kids and I always interchange their names….what’s worse is that it’s a girl and a boy. Nathan always asks why I keep calling him Kaitlyn!!

  2. Sam Harrell says:

    worrrd! you know its getting to the whole fam when your wife gets mixed up and calls child #1 by her brother’s name…

  3. yoonie says:

    one time my friend’s dad called her their dog’s name.

  4. Laura says:

    HAHAHAHA this list is amazing!!

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