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Socially Savvy

#5 is a character.  She looks exactly like #2 and has a lot of similar personality traits.  Click Here and Here to read about #2’s savvy ways.  One day we had a gathering for our extended family on my side.  My aunt, who absolutely adores the kids, went up to #5 and said, “Hi #5!  Do you remember me?  What is my name?”

#5 doesn’t even blink and replies, “I will tell you later.”

This little kid didn’t want to make my aunt sad.  Remember she is a pastor’s kid so she has a lot of adult interaction especially on Sundays.  She has seen many times how people react when she doesn’t know their names.  They express sadness.  So when my aunt asked and she didn’t know her name, she came up with that response.  Our entire extended family still talks about that exchange every time we get together.


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  1. Esther Chang says:

    OMG she is sooo clever~~

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