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Last week I took my wife to her favorite restaurant to celebrate her birthday. One of our church members graciously agreed to watch all of our kids so we could get dinner and a movie. After the sitter fed the kids and hung out with them, she got #4 and 5 ready for bed. She waited in the bathroom while they were brushing their teeth. #5 brushes her teeth, rinses her mouth, spits out, and then looks for a towel. There is no towel so goes up to the sitter puts her little face in the stomach of the sitter and shakes her head drying herself on the sitter’s outfit. The sitter said, “What are you doing?”

#5 shrugs her shoulders and says, “There’s no towel.” After this she walks away. When I heard this story I laughed. My baby girl’s response was both rude and resourceful, therefore I was both embarrassed and proud.


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  1. […] I was able to babysit some of my favorite kids last week, and I never leave without a good story after hanging out with them. Last year’s story can be found here. […]

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