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For Better For Worse

A few weeks ago #2 asked me, “Are you and mommy ever gonna get divorced?”  This question stopped me in my tracks.  I immediately responded, “Of course not.”  Then my mind began spinning and spinning.  Have we been fighting a lot?  Did we say anything to each other that brought this question about?  I hesitantly asked #2, “Why do you ask?”  She shared with me that one of her really close friends experienced the divorce of her parents this past summer.  I have always known that having a strong marriage is so important for the stability of a child.  We all know this.  It is another thing to see how much it matters to them.

As a pastor I have the privilege of walking with people that give me access into their lives.  This privilege is both humbling and at times opens my eyes to the realities of how difficult family life can be both past and present.  The one thing I have seen in others and experienced myself is that marriage is the brightest and darkest.  There is so much joy when two people sacrificially love each other.  There is so much pain, darkness, and loneliness when love has lost its way.

This week I want to share with my readers (both married and single) things my wife and I have been learning about marriage very recently.  These entries will not be seminars.  They will be stories and the lessons we learned. This week I will be sharing an entry everyday.  The last one will be about how these life lessons helped me in my relationship with my son.  I do not share these entries because I have arrived and am an expert in marriage.  If you were a fly on the wall of my home, you would probably never read another entry ever again.  I share with you a process that my wife and I have been going through and that has helped us learn to love and enjoy the chaos that is our lives.


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