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One of my favorite shows growing up was the Cosby Show.  Not only was it one of the most important shows, with respect to race and stereotypes, it was dang good.  One of my favorite plot lines of the story was Rudy’s friendship with Bud.  If you remember Bud was the boy from the neighborhood who always regurgitated his older brother’s chauvinisitic view of gender roles. Well in one of the episodes Bill Cosby discovers that Bud’s name isn’t Bud.  It is Kenny.  Rudy just called Kenny by the name Bud because she felt like it.

The other day my wife was walking #4 back from school.  On the way back a boy from school recognized #4 and started walking with my girl.  She introduced the boy to my wife as Rex (names have been altered).  She kept calling him Rex.  Obviously my wife thought the kid’s name was Rex.  The next day #4 comes home and says, “Rex’s name is Mike!”

Here is the funny thing.  My daughter has been calling Mike by the name Rex for a few days and he never said a word.  Here is the funnier thing…the day #4 learned Rex’s real name she forgot it again.  When she saw him walking home she leaned over to my wife and asked, “Mommy.  What is Rex’s name?”


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  1. Ali says:

    I was called “Dante” for much of my 7th grade school year for a similar reason!

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