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Our Wedding

As a pastor of a church that is young, I do a lot of weddings.  It never gets old.  Each one is a privilege and joy.  Yesterday’s blog got a lot of comments so I thought I would continue the wedding motif and share about our wedding day.

Ten years ago I got married to my lady (the best thing that has ever happened to me).  Our wedding was…Well, we had 1500 guests.  I didn’t realize how big our wedding was until I started doing premarital counseling for couples and learned that for most people 500 is considered big.  Our wedding was an event and it was eventful.  Below are some memories…

1. We ran out of food.  Couldn’t feed 400 of our guests because we only ordered food for 1100.  If you came and couldn’t eat…my bad.

2. Our pastor preached for over 30 minutes.  That is really long for a wedding.  My parent’s pastor prayed really long too.  He prayed so long one of my groomsmen (who locked his knees which is a no no because it cuts off circulation to your brain…no joke) passed out and had time to recover.  Crazy right?  He prayed so long even when you fast forward the VHS tape, it is still long.  What was hilarious was that he prayed for over ten minutes in Korean…after that he pauses…starts in English.  I think the whole room opened their eyes looking at each other wondering “is this guy gonna translate the whole thing?”  Well I opened my eyes too and saw something I will never forget.  For the English portion of his prayer, he pulled out a hallmark card from inside his jacket and started…”Dear Lord-duh…we congratulate the love that blossomed from these two people’s hearts like a flower in a garden…(not what he really said, I just came up with that…maybe I should quit my day job).

3. Our pastor is a genius and in the middle of two errors officiating he corrected himself midstream.  Very impressive.  First, Koreans when stating the date, begin with the year then the month then the day.  Different than us Americans.  Anyways, he began the ceremony in Korean saying, “Dearly beloved we gather on this day, 1999…has passed…2000 has arrived…on this month and day.”  It was so funny.  He also sang the wrong version of a hymn from what was projected on the megatron.  Right in the middle of the verse he bent his voice and started singing the right version.

4. I asked my friend to sing at my wedding.  She said ok.  The night before she called me and asked if she could do a duet with some guy she knows.  Well, she is a really gifted musician/singer so I said sure.  Well, this guy looked like a Korean pop star wannabe.  He comes in some ridiculous suit.  What made matters worse was that he loved the large crowd and milked it for all it was worth.  Hand gestures…imagine him opening and closing a doors with a delicate string…that is what he looked like.  Squeezing his little eyes as he passionately sung a Christian song.  There was a part when he gazed into my friend’s eyes while singing his line…it was so funny.  I am not sure if the video guy got this, but two times during the song, the pastor covered his mic and leaned over to me and asked, “Who is this guy?  Is he your friend?”  I said no.  Later he did the same exact thing…covered his mic, leaned over and asked, “Who is this guy?  Is he your friend?”  A week later when we got back from our honeymoon, my wife’s grandmother stood up in front of the family and started imitating the singer.

Dude…I don’t remember your name…but if you ever read this blog I can understand that you would be really offended at my telling this story.  I got one thing to say bro…you are the one who did it.  Live with it, move forward, and make your adjustments.

Although that was the happiest day of my life, I wish my wife and I could have had a smaller wedding.  Being a minister there are sacrifices you have to make along the way because of your calling…btw…this is true for any profession not just mine.  One of the sacrifices we had to make was not restricting who could come to our wedding.  I think for our 25th or 50th anniversary I would like to renew our vows and do it small like the movies.


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4 Responses

  1. Dennis says:

    What’s up with the picture at the top? Did Rick Warren marry you at Saddleback?!

    • thepunypundit says:

      LOL. No. I’m in Vegas and typed this post here and had no access to our wedding photos. I just picked a pic that looked like our wedding with a little bit of exaggeration. We got married at Sarang and Saddleback looked a little similar. I love hyperbole.

  2. Mike Berk says:

    Funny post, Alex. I went to a wedding where the groom’s sister got up and sang an impromptu song – wind beneath my wings or something like that – it was before William Hung, but it had that same “this can’t be serious” feel to it.

  3. Sarah says:

    Lol whew Im glad you didn’t mention my singing “how beautiful” for you guys at your wedding. I started biting my nails midway.

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