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Singing to Your Unborn Baby

When #1 was in my wife’s womb I use to sing to her like a cheesy first time dad.  I would put my mouth near my wife’s stomach and sing.  I love Steven Curtis Chapman (christian country singer) and sang his song “His Strength is Perfect” everyday when my wife’s tummy got big.  Well, after #1 was born I noticed that when she would cry (sometimes…not all the time) she would stop if I started singing that song.  The funny thing is that when my singing worked it would only be that song.

Out of curiosity I would stop singing that song and she would cry again.  Then I would sing another song and she would continue to cry.  I would sing “His Strength is Perfect” and she would stop crying again.  Kind of weird right?

One day we were out with our friends when we were living in Boston.  We were at our favorite restaurant in Boston, Brown Sugar Cafe.  It is a thai restaurant that you have to go to if you are ever there.  Anyways, my friends didn’t believe the story about me singing that song.  Well during the meal #1 starts crying.  I sing our song and she stops.  Just to show them I wasn’t lying I sang a different song and she would continue to cry.  I sang our song…she stopped.

What’s the point?  I don’t know.  You would think after something like that I would try it on all my other kids but I never sang again during the other 4 pregnancies so we will never know if it was science or just random acts of coincidence.  Nevertheless, I thought that was pretty cool.


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3 Responses

  1. Brian says:

    def. cool. 🙂 thanks for the posts alex!

  2. Jane han says:

    Hi p alex! I learned in child development years ago that babies hear everything in the womb..we read about a study where they tested various pregnant mothers and had them read a certain story everyday..and when the child was born they would react and pay attention to that story only..also if you fight alot and yell..many babies are born with easily aggravated temperaments! it’s def science and they hear everything! hopefully this supplements your story and helps other pregnant moms!

  3. nameun says:

    haha, brown sugar cafe instead of victorias right next door? i dunno…..

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