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Stood Up On A Daddy Date

A few weeks ago #2 and I were supposed to go on a date after church.  A couple hours before our date #2 tells me she can’t go on our date because she is gonna walk over to her friend’s place to play.

She asks, “Is that ok?”

I reply, “Well it is up to you.  You have to decide what you would rather do.”

She says, “Ok.  See you later.  I am gonna go to my friends house.”

I am kind of upset, kind of relieved.  I was tired and there was a basketball game on.  A few minutes later she comes back and my wife has a grin on her face.

I ask her, “What’s up?  Why do you have that grin on your face?”

She replies, “#2 went over to play with her friend, but ironically her friend wasn’t home because she was out with her dad.”

#2 comes back home and asks if we can go on our date now.  I say no.  I said no for three reasons.  First, I didn’t like getting stood up and kind of wanted to teach her a lesson.  Second, I was tired.  Third, there was a basketball game on.

So several weeks pass by since we were supposed to go on our date.  A couple of days ago I ask #2, “Don’t you want to go on a date with daddy?”

#2 says, “Of course.”

I ask, “Then why don’t you ask to go on a date with me?”

She says, “Because I was waiting for you to ask.”

My wife jumps into the conversation and say, “That’s right #2 the man is supposed to ask.”

My ego is about to interject regarding the injustice of that sentiment.  I was wronged.  She chose her friend over me.  She showed me that hanging out with me wasn’t that important.  I know some of you think I am being either too hard on her or acting like a complete hypocrite.  I don’t care.  I am the one typing.  Injustice I say!  But after a few seconds I realize that I like that about #2.  Make the guy ask.  I may be old fashion.  That might make me a pig, but I don’t want my daughters chasing boys.  I want the boys to have to ask.  I don’t think my girls should go for dudes who don’t have the cajones to man up and ask.

Some of you are confused.  If you have been reading my blog you are wondering how a guy like me is ok with guys pursuing my daughters.  Remember I never said anything about what I hope their answers would be.

I hope they say NO every time.  At least till they are 25.


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