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The Birth of #4 and #5

Just as five pregnancies brought with it different emotions, going through five deliveries brought with it different memories and emotions too.  Below is the story of the birth of my fourth and fifth child…


The day my wife went into labor with #4 I was officiating a wedding.  In fact, I got a call from my wife that she was going to the hospital right before the processional.  We were really hoping that #4 wouldn’t come that day because of the wedding and it just so happened that LIVE 8 was happening in center city Philadelphia.  Not sure if you all remember that thing.  It was 8 concerts simultaneously playing in 8 different cities I believe to shed light on the problem of AIDS.

Well it was estimated that 2 million people were gonna be on the streets of Philly.  Actually the reports are lower than that but nevertheless I really wanted to be there with my wife.

I officiate the wedding, shake a few hands and then drive through the city to get to the hospital where my wife was staying.  Luckily there was no traffic despite LIVE 8.  Looking back it made sense.  Everyone was already in the city walking around.  When I got to the hospital my wife had just dilated to 10cm.  I take two steps towards the waiting room and I hear, “Wah!!  Wah!!  Wah!!”

I was thinking to myself that was really fast and that kid is really loud.


I missed it.  We were home when my wife went into labor.  We packed the car and the other four kids and headed off to the hospital.  They brought out a wheelchair for my wife and we dropped her off.  It still makes me sad thinking about that day when I watched her get wheeled off by herself.  Anyways, it was dinner time and my mom was coming up to watch the kids so I could go to the hospital but she was stuck in bad traffic.  So I took the four kids to Boston Market and we ate dinner.  After I dropped them with my mom, I rushed to the hospital only to find my wife holding #5.

You would think that after 5 births in 7 years that it gets old.  It doesn’t.  It never gets old.  Every time it is new.  Every time it fills you with anxiety, excitement, and joy.  Whenever I talk to people who are just getting started with kids I tell them that from the moment your kids comes, you will feel every emotion everyday.  For us, that has been true.


A year and a half ago I asked my wife if we could have a #6.  She looked at me…paused…asked, “Are you serious?”…paused…laughed…then said no.


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