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Birth of #3

Just as five pregnancies brought with it different emotions, going through five deliveries brought with it different memories and emotions too.  Below is the story of the birth of my only son…

I love having daughters.  They are so special and wonderful.  But I gotta tell you…having a son and waiting for him to come into the world is a different feeling.  Not better.  Different.  After my wife hit 10 cm I went to the waiting room again.  This time I couldn’t stay seated.  I paced back and forth.  I kept saying to myself that I can’t believe I am gonna have a son.  A son.  A boy.  I remember that just saying “my son” was so different and so cool.

To be honest with you, I don’t remember too much about that night in terms of what happened.  What I do remember is how I felt.  When my little boy came out and I confirmed that he had a little pee pee…I was filled with a lot of joy and a different sense of responsibility as I would be raising a boy to one day be a man.  I called my dad first this time.  I knew he always wanted a grandson.  So I call and tell him congratulations.  He was so happy you could feel it over the phone.  He is so happy he said, “Congratulations on your first child!”  In many ways, it was like a first because he was the first boy our entire clan (immediate and extended family) welcomed as a third generation name bearer.  I had to remind him though he had two other grandchildren already.

Next I call my father-in-law.  That day some small claims judge ruled in favor of some customer that lied to get a few bucks.  He was really angry with the customer, judge, and legal system but when I called with the news that we had a boy, he said everything he went through the last few months with the court stuff just went away.

Next came circumcision…makes me tear up every time.  In fact it was so sad to me that I never changed his diaper until his pee pee healed.  I just couldn’t do it.


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