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I Love Ice Cream

A few weeks ago our family embarked on a 40 day challenge.  No restaurants (except Sundays) for 40 days.  This included the kids so my wife started packing the kids lunches again.  This is hard because our school provides lunch for $2.00 per kid which is really cheap and convenient for a family of 7.  Anyways, the second or third day of eating homemade lunches, the school had ice cream for kids who ate cafeteria food.  Well, my son didn’t get cafeteria food so no ice cream.

He decides to steal it.  We find out and my wife is really upset.  I should have been too but I am a recovering kleptomaniac.  Stole lots of stuff in my life time.  When I get home from work she tells me the whole story and she is really taken back by what #3 did.  So I call him over to talk…

Me: Did you steal ice cream at school today?

#3: Yes.

Me: Did you know that is was wrong when you were stealing it?

#3: Yes.

Me: Then why did you steal something that you knew you shouldn’t take?

#3: Because I really love ice cream.

Those of you who have been following my blog know that there are many times when I can’t keep in a smile or laughter while disciplining my kids.  This was one of those times.  Don’t get me wrong.  We really spent a lot of time explaining to our son why it was so wrong to do what he did.  We were really upset however when he told me why he did it I couldn’t help it.  I turned my head away and laughed as silently as possible.


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2 Responses

  1. Erie Kim says:

    Pastor Alex, #3 is SO FREAKIN cute. You can’t blame him for wanting ice cream that badly because I know you would have probably done the same thing! I think i would have… All the other kids eating ice cream except me… It’s torture!!!

    • thepunypundit says:

      Unfortunately you are right. When I was little I did something very similar…actually a lot worse. My friends and I took our backpacks and snuck into the cafe-gymnasium kitchen and stole backpack full of hostess stuff. Got caught. Hopefully this doesn’t turn into a big problem in my son’s life.

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