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The heart wants what it wants.  – C.S. Lewis

Maybe this is true for all kids, but I have noticed that my kids develop a strong sense of preferences very young.  I am not talking about wanting a certain toy, or not wanting to sleep, or even just food preferences. My kids know what they want in areas that surprise me.  Not only do they have a strong sense of what they like, what they like is usually more expensive.  Below are a few examples….


Today #5 (who is 3 years old) was pouting.  I asked her why she was upset.  My wife told me it was because she didn’t like the shirt she was wearing.  It was a very nice pink shirt.  But she doesn’t like pink. Her favorite color is yellow.  She wanted to wear something else.  I know this is normal for kids to go through but listen to this.  The shirt she ended up picking and wearing was a pink shirt from Nordstroms.  The pink shirt she didn’t want to wear was from Target.  Unbelievable!

It made me think back to all our kids.  Same thing.  Very early on they knew what they liked and what they don’t like.  My son was the most extreme.  When he was 3 he would go back into his room and silently change if he didn’t like the outfits his mom dressed him in.  The funny thing is that he would always come out looking better.  One time #3 went down to hang out with his grandparents.  He came back with five Nordstrom bags full of clothes.  We look through his bags of goodies together and I kind of gave my mom a hard time for buying such nice and expensive clothes.  But I did complement her on her tastes.  Turns out she didn’t pick anything.  He picked out every single piece of clothing item.  My mom said the salesperson was impressed that such a little kid had the taste he had.


This is one is amazing.  I know all kids have their preferences, things they like and dislike.  My kids take it to another level.  For instance, every single one of my kids loves prosciutto more than ham.  For real.  What kids like this stuff?  They can actually tell the difference between the cheap stuff and good stuff too.

Ice cream…#1 actually has an opinion on certain qualities of ice cream.  For instance, if given the following choices (Thrifties, Baskin Robbins, or Fosselman’s) #1 would choose ice cream in this order…Fosselman’s, Baskin Robbins, then Thrifties.  Most of you don’t know Fosselman’s.  Well they are a premium ice cream parlor in Alhambra and one of the highest rated ice cream places in Los Angeles on Yelp.  Most kids don’t care about ice cream as long as it is ice cream.  #1 and knows good ice cream.  You know those ice creams we grew up eating that have chocolate or strawberry swirls?  They come in little containers.  The cheap stuff.  My kids prefer Haagen Daz or Ben N Jerry’s.  Even #4 who is 5 years old.  Also, all of them prefer Baskin Robbins to Rite Aid.  Uncanny.

Also they prefer the expensive versions of Korean BBQ.  There is bulgogi which is a cheaper form of Korean BBQ (usually thinly sliced top sirloin).  My kids like Kalbi which are short ribs (more expensive).

Even their taste in fruit is more expensive.  Most kids prefer bananas, oranges, and apples.  My kids (if they had a choice) would eat raspberries, mangoes, kiwi, and blueberries.

I think if you blindfolded my kids and put a $1 bill, $5 bill, $20 bill, and $100 bill and told them to pick their favorite bill they would pick the $100 bill every time.

There is a part of me that likes the fact that my kids at an early age are forming opinions (even if it costs me more money sometimes).  I know there is a fine line between having an opinion and being a spoiled brat but we are working on creating space for our kids to develop their thoughts and opinions while learning to be grateful for whatever is being provided.

I guess this is why I love Costco so much.  They give middle class people an opportunity to enjoy high class stuff.  Without Costco we would not be able to afford exotic fruits, designer jeans, etc.  I love that I can get quality stuff for cheaper than inferior products elsewhere.

Are my kids they way they are because we shop at Costco?  Would all kids like blueberries if their parents bought it for them?  Or is Costco a place that allows us to afford things our kids would love regardless.  Maybe it is both.  Maybe it doesn’t matter.  Maybe Costco is just pure awesomeness and that is all that needs to be said.


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