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Beggars Can Be Choosers

Something funny/weird happened twice last week.  On two different occasions I stopped at a red light in the city.  Both times there was a beggar asking for money.  Both times there were a few cars ahead of me and behind me.  Both times the guys asked everyone except me for money.  This is the first time this has ever happened to me.

I actually didn’t want them to ask because I never carry cash and hate saying I don’t have anything. Yet at the same time I didn’t like that they didn’t ask.  It made me wonder why?  Does my face look like one who lacks generosity?  Do I look like I don’t have money?  Do I look like someone who always charges things to cards?  I know it is so lame and sensitive to wonder but I can’t help it.

Maybe the beggars have been doing this so long they can actually profile people to a certain extent. Body language.  Eye contact (or lack of).

Has this ever happened to anyone else?


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