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The Little Things…Fresh Air

My wife and I have been at the parenthood thing for 9 years now (10 if you include pregnancy). During this journey one thing we have learned is to appreciate the little things.  When I say little I really mean little.  Below are some things that we took for granted before kids and how much they mean to us now.  I will continue this series next week on Monday but here is the first…


A few weeks ago my wife and I celebrated 10 years of marriage in SF and Napa (tomorrow’s blog will be about that trip).  One of the things we talked about over and over again is the beautiful fresh air. You are thinking, “It’s because they live in LA and deal with smog.”  Wrong.  When you have a family of 7 something always smells bad.  ALWAYS.  When you have 7 people living in one roof and five of them are little the potential for bad smell is present every moment. Below is a list of what contributes to lack of fresh air.


  • Poop, peeing, and farting (every 30 minutes)
  • Trash can (we average 10-12 bags a week)
  • After school smell (don’t know what that is…mixture of sweat and I dunno)
  • Dirty Laundry (we have about 8-10 loads a week…so it fills the air until we do it)
  • Korean Fridge…Korean fridges are so nasty every Korean person has two of them if they live in a home.  One in the kitchen and one in the garage.  One time my high school buddy Tim came over and asked for a cup of water.  I opened the fridge to get it and he literally asked if someone farted.  This is not the kids fault btw.  Just our reality.
  • Shoes…we have 30 shoes in our home and they don’t smell great.


  • Food in the car (my car smells all the time because they leave little things like tangerines in my car and I don’t know until it rots and grows mold).
  • Dishes.  When you don’t do them right away it does start to smell


  • Diapers (we don’t use them anymore but once had 3 kids in diapers in a 700 sq. ft. place)
  • Vomit

Note to parents with kids in diapers…never, I mean NEVER buy the diaper trash cans.  Diaper Genie. Diaper disposal systems are so bad.  Diapers need to mix with other trash to deaden the smell.  Do not buy these products.  You will end up throwing the system in the trash like we did.  Diapers are extremely toxic and foul when concentrated together.  Diapers are like tennis and golf.  They are not meant to be on teams with other diapers.

All this to say that my wife and I treasured our time in Napa and SF.  To breathe in fresh air for more than an hour brought us joy and filled our hearts with gratitude.  Parenting is awesome.  We love our family but it will cost you fresh air.


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