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Punny Memories from the Pundit’s Life

Below are some random memories that make me smile every time I think about them…


One day #4 was pretending to be a pop star using the tv remote as a mic.  Her brother took the Guitar Hero guitar that we have and was her lead guitarist.  They do this for awhile.  Anyways, afterwards I asked #4, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

She replies, “I wanna be a rainbow.”

I said, “Huh?  You mean you want to be Rainbow Bright?”

She says, “No Daddy.  I want to be a RAIN…BOW!  You know…red, purple, orange, yellow…”

I said, “Ahhh.  I see.  You want to be a rainbow when you grow up.”

While smiling and twisting with her big eyes says, “Yes!”

I didn’t know what to say after that.  #4 is special.  She is the most creative of all our kids by far. Sometimes we have to ask her to come out of the closest and not spend too much time in Narnia. Remember this is a girl who months later asked me to put a rainbow in her room.  I love that kid.


I pick my nose a lot in the mornings.  It is a bad and ironic habit.  It is bad because I always do it in the car while driving to work.  It is ironic because the reason I do it so much is that I have a neat-freak-streak in me.  I have to have my nasal passages super clean, the irony being that it is at the expense of my finger.

#5 always sits behind me in our giant truck.  She watches me flick my boogers out the window at least four times a week.  Well, one day my daughter asked me to lower her window in the car.  I said no because we were on the freeway.  My wife smiled and said, “Just do it. You have to see this.”  So I lower the window but can’t see anything since she is right behind me.  My wife tells me that she is reaching out her hand after picking her nose trying to flick it out the window.  What’s so funny is that her little arms are too short to reach the window and she stills hasn’t mastered the art of flicking sticky substances so it just looks like she is snapping her fingers at the window.  Too funny.


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