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Mommy Loves Me

A few years ago my parents offered to watch #1-3 at their home in San Diego.  After a week of hanging out with grandma and grandpa we went down to pick them up.  That morning my dad took the three kids to eat breakfast at McDonald’s.  #2 and #3 were fighting and causing problems.  My dad got upset and told the kids that he was gonna tell us (wife and me) that they were misbehaving and being really bad kids.  #1 looked at my dad and said, “Well, my mommy will still love us even if you tell.”

I thought my dad would have been really offended or annoyed but for some reason that comment really touched him.  He told me that he realized what an amazing mom my wife is.  He said most kids would have been scared or indifferent.  #1 just knew that no matter how much trouble they would have gotten into, her mom was gonna love her.  My dad said that this experience opened his eyes to the love that my wife passes on to the kids even while being really strict.

Some of you are touched right?  Well, I am not.  How come #1 didn’t say anything about me and my love?

Bill Cosby has a great bit in his standup “Himself” when he describes the frustration of being a father. He humorously talks about how he raised his son.  Played catch.  Taught him how to play.  Worked out with him.  Went to all his high school games.  Then his son gets into college and plays football there. The kid scores a touchdown on national television and looks into the camera and says, “Hi MOM!”  Too funny.

Chris Rock talks about a similar subject saying that dad’s never get thanked.  He says that no one ever says, “Thanks for the paying the electricity bill dad.”  Too funny.

Sorry for the pity party.  Peter Kreeft (Catholic writer) wrote that pride has two faces: (i) thinking too much of yourself (the sin of self-conceit) and/or (ii) thinking too much about yourself (the sin of self-centeredness).  Can you guess which I struggle with more?


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  1. Julie Kang says:

    I love this story so much. It illustrates a lot about the characters of both #1 and her mother.

    Your point of view and the examples you drew up on how dads get shafted in the appreciation spectrum was really eye-opening, because I personally feel like it’s the exact opposite. I saw a postcard on PostSecret on Mother’s Day saying something to the effect of “One day, I’d like to be the dad for a change.” And I totally related to that: to be the fun one, to be able to guilt-free dedicate myself to my career, to not have to nag and cajole and remind and fuss and warn and mind all the time.

    I know today’s dads do all that and more, but at least in the broad cultural sense, you guys are free to choose to do the “hard” stuff when you feel like it, and are thought of as awesome and liberated when you participate at a level that is greater than zero.

    (I know I sound a bit bitter, but I don’t feel it super-deeply. It’s just a wry observation.)

    My example: on Father’s Day, you see all these mugs/shirts/hats/etc. saying “#1 Dad,” “Best Dad,” etc. You don’t see blue ribbons and certificates for moms. It’s always stuff to the tune of “Thanks for cleaning up after me, sucks to be you, huh?” 🙂

  2. nameun says:

    i’m really sad i didn’t find out who kreeft was until after i left BC =(

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