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40 Days…First Update

Wow.  It is really hard to not go out when most of the meals you eat are on the go.  My family eats most of their meals at home however for me and my schedule I eat out all the time.  Below is a simple new sandwich I experimented with.  Try and let me know what you think.  I call it B2LT: Bacon, Burrata, Lettuce, and Tomatoes.  The picture above is where I got the idea.


1. Good bread

2. Good burrata. I found the best burrata Monday.  It is GIOIA CHEESE COMPANY in El Monte, CA.  Mozza gets their burrata from here.  Boccalone (in SF Ferry Building) gets their burrata from here too.  It is the best.  My wife and I have tried many types of burrata.  GIOIA CHEESE is the best by far.  You can go to their location and buy 1 Lb for $6.99.

3. Pancetta or Bacon.  I prefer bacon in this sandwich.  Found pancetta to be too salty but it was good.

4. Heirloom Tomatoes. I know these suckers are expensive so save this sandwich for a special occasion. LOL.  If you never had heirloom tomatoes you have to try them once in your life.  So good.  The way God intended tomatoes to taste.


a. Place bacon or pancetta on baking sheet in an oven 400 degrees.  Bake till its nice and crispy to your liking.

b. Toast the bread.  Spread two spoonfuls of burrata on one side.

c. Slice your tomatoes thin.  I mean thin.  Why?  I hate thick tomatoes on BLT because it squishes everything out.  Slice them thin and each bite is self-contained.

d. Place the tomatoes on top of the burrata and season with a little salt and pepper.  It will bring out the sweetness of the tomato.  This is important.  Gotta get the right order.  You want the tomato and burrata close.  It makes for a cool refreshing bite as you get to the crisp salty bacon.

e. Place lettuce on top of tomatoes.  You can use arugula like the pic above.  I just bought a spring salad and picked the leafs and place them on flat.  This way you can eat salad for another meal.

f. Then place the bacon/pancetta…then the bread.

Final recommendation.  I try to keep one layer of bacon, one two layers of lettuce.  This makes the sandwich balanced.  I don’t like huge amounts of bacon and lettuce.  Ugly.  Unrefined in my opinion. : )

Try it.  Let me know what you think.  I made it for our staff yesterday and they loved it.


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