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Family Email

I did not grow up with the internet.  In fact I did not use email till two years after college.  Even though I was right there early in the game of email and the web I always had trouble getting the email address of my choice.  Part of this is because I am an adult and do not see the legitimacy of grown people having email addresses like stickybug90201.

As a father of young kids who are not using computers yet, I decided to get email addresses figuring by the time they are old enough to email, there will be no decent addresses on gmail or yahoo.  So I signed them up.  Problem is that for some places like yahoo, if you don’t check your email for a certain time, they close your account.

For the last three years, I have been emailing my kids then going into their account and clicking on the email and responding with stuff that I would like to hear from them like, “Thanks Dad for giving me my existence and for being the greatest person ever.”

I understand that by the time they are using email there will be some other service that will be the new thing, thus enabling them to get the address of choice.  I also realize that after all my efforts they might just pick stickybug90201.  Not sure why I do this and continue to do so.  Maybe it is the idea that in some way I am talking to the future.  Maybe it is because I have no friends.  Maybe it is a way for me to feel connected to my kids even when they are not around.


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One Response

  1. Claudia says:

    lol! this is by far the
    ‘oddest” thing i’ve ever heard a parent do! only you alex, hahaha

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