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Truth or Care

If you don’t already know I am a preacher.  I am also a man which means I carry with me tons of insecurities.  For the first eight years of my marriage, every Sunday after every sermon, I would ask my wife, “How was it?”  EVERY WEEK.

Those of you who don’t know my wife…she is the sweetest, nicest person you will ever meet.  But she is not afraid to speak her mind to anyone, anytime, anyplace.  After eight years of hearing her honest assessment about my preaching I stopped asking for the last two years.  My ego and insecurity could only handle so much honesty.

For two years I never asked what she thought.  And for two years I was healing.  Lol!  I just delivered sermons each week and hit the delete button in my brain.  This past Sunday I got careless with my heart and asked her, “So what did you think about the sermon?”

Wife:  “Uhhh…it was ok.”

Me: “What do you mean it was OK?  Ok as in it sucked or ok as in it was good.  And what do you mean by uhhhh?  Uhhh as in I don’t want your head to get big or uhhh I don’t want to hurt your feelings?”

Wife: “I mean it was O..K…”

Me: “Are you being purposefully ambiguous to protect my feelings?  I am a big boy and I can handle the truth.”

Wife: “It was….”

Me: “Acceptable?!”

Wife: “Yeah.  That is a great way of putting it.  It was acceptable.  I wasn’t blown away or anything.  It was like…you know…you talked and I was like…yeah I can see that.  I wasn’t like WOW.  It was just acceptable.”

Now she has a big smile on her face and I am sorry I ever asked.  Although lying is a sin, I wish sometimes she would stop being a saint and act like a sinner.


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2 Responses

  1. Patrick says:

    Hey, they can’t all be diamonds.

  2. James says:

    What if she did tell a white lie? What if she felt that you’re so insecure, even though your sermons are good — BUT, perhaps she could push you to be the best, by telling you that it was just average…? 😛

    Haha, anyways, you’re a good pastor. And for other reasons besides being compassionate; you make the Book understandable. 😉

    Stop being so insecure and just keep preaching the way you always do. 😉

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