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Foodie versus Fattie

Some people eat to live.  I live to eat.  I eat every meal like it is gonna be my last.  Los Angeles is the  best place in the world to live if you want to eat great food.  I know New Yorkers wanna boast that their food is the best.  The only response I have to them is “yeah, yeah, whatever..whatever…talk to the stomach” (please imagine Joe Pesci’s voice in Lethal Weapon 4).

In my journey through the culinary world I have come to realize there are three types of people: foodies, fatties, and the rare breed that is both.  Many people get these categories confused.  The way you tell the difference is by asking yourself this question: If God made all food 0 calories and $0 what would you want to eat most?  Foodies would say sushi, foie gras, rack of lamb, exotic cheeses, etc.  Fatties would say chili cheese fries (from Tommy’s of course), store bought ramen, pizza, etc.  Remember you have to ask what you would want to eat MOST.

My wife and I are both.  We are the type of people that if God declared all food 0 calories and $0 we would go to an expensive steakhouse (I know everything is $0…work with me), drink expensive wine, followed by a decadent dessert made by the top pastry chef in the world.  After that on our way home we would stop by Tommy’s and eat chili fries.

Which one are you?


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7 Responses

  1. eric park says:

    You make a good point pastor alex. maybe a distinction i would make is that fatties will eat any form of “junk” food from anywhere, whereas foodies always search for the best of… chili fries, pizza, ramen, steak, sushi, etc…

    i too am both. maybe the best term to describe us is a glutton.

    also, i think LA is the best city for world cuisines. hands down, the greater LA area has the best korean, mexican, chinese, vietnamese, japanese, and latin american foods. New York is a restaurant town. They have better restaurants than LA. Overall, i think LA is a far better food city.

    • thepunypundit says:

      ah…glutton…that is the word i should have chosen. thanks for the reply. looking forward to hanging out with you guys soon to partake in foodie and fatty treats.

  2. iris says:

    alex, i have to respectfully disagree about LA having the best food and submit that you might be blinded by your LA love. i think LA has very nice restaurants where the food is often so-so because people in LA are way more concerned about where they are seen rather than what food tastes like, especially bc everyone is much too carb/calorie-conscious to actually eat any of the pretty food on their plate. except, of course, LA has the best korean food outside korea.

    my vote goes to SF– and this is coming from truffle brie AND tommy’s chili fries loving girl (aka glutton). ooo– truffle brie ON tommy’s chili fries… interesting…

  3. connie says:

    la has the best moderate priced world cuisine (for a fattie or foodie), but nyc + sf has better haute cuisine.

  4. Ali A. Memarian says:

    I actually eat my way through New York every time I visit. But since I’m totally a fattie, not a foodie, that isn’t necessarily a comment on the quality of food in that city!

  5. Jane Yi says:

    i shouldve had that bouquet for my wedding

  6. Erie Kim says:

    Pastor Alex, I am exactly like you and michele. I am a foodie because i love fine dining and all those elegant foods like wagyu steak and truffle ravioli with a glass of wine… and if God were to really declare it all 0 cal and $0, i would choose that. BUT man… I can eat a platter of chili cheese fries, guacamole bacon burger, cheese stuffed crust supreme pizza, breakfast burrito w/ hash brown sausage and cheese, etc… ANYTIME, ANYDAY, ANYWHERE. so 50/50 foodie/fattie 🙂

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