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Mr. Mom Day 1

So far so good.  Pretty tame.  Fed the kids dinner.  #4 says she doesn’t feel good so she puts her face in her bowl and throws up in her dinner.  Interesting choice.  After dinner the kids and I put away clothes that have been washed and folded.  I vacuumed upstairs and downstairs while the kids cleaned up their rooms.  Gave them all baths.  Used the wrong shampoo on #4 and #5 so their hair got all tangled up.  Tried to blow dry it and made it worse.  Had a meeting with some leaders from church and now just doing two loads of laundry at 11pm.

We spent some time as a family praying for mommy.  We prayed for three things: (i) Give her good rest, (ii) that she would have good times with God, (iii) and bring her home.  I am worried that her rest is gonna feel so good that she won’t ever come back.  Let’s hope the kids’ prayers work.

Next up tomorrow…ten loads of laundry, fold em, and put em away.  Some of you are probably confused.  “Didn’t he say he already put clothes away?”  Well things have been really busy so we got backed up.  My wife does eight loads of laundry a week and we have the large high capacity front load machines.  Kind of crazy when you think about it.  Even crazier trying to do it.  Wow!  We have a lot of laundry in this house.


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6 Responses

  1. Julie says:

    LOL, our home is the same way now that we have one of the high-capacity machines. Folding never used to be such a bottleneck, but now it definitely is.

    I hope Mama is having a good time as well!

  2. iris says:

    aww, yay for mama pundit! will be praying for her (and you!) this week.

    btw, did i ever tell you that my mom just went to haiti w/ one of her bridesmaids? the pharmacist…

    • thepunypundit says:

      gracias senorita. did your mom go with the lady that told you she knew me even though she didn’t?

      • iris says:

        hahaha, no, that lady just pretended like she was gonna go but really didn’t. j/k.

        no, meant that my mom went with one of your wife’s bridesmaids to haiti. the bridesmaid is now a pharmacist (i’m trying to avoid using names here).

  3. sandra says:

    Haha how do u tangle #5’s hair? Didn’t the girls just cut their hair short? Haha anyways, I look forward to reading more adventures of pastor alex as Good luck!

  4. Wilton says:

    Hey Alex, I love the way you call your kids by number LOL. You are seriously missed! Just wanted to say that I’m on this site because I’ve been listening to all the sermons that I have missed via podcast (or trying to anyway) because I have some SERIOUS soul cravings. Catch ya later. Can’t wait to see you again next Sunday.

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