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Poopoo Head

In 2007 my wife gave birth to our fifth child.  Five kids in seven years.  I know…I suck.  My in laws still haven’t forgiven me.  Anyways, I digress.  While my wife was at home recovering I decided to give her a break and take the other fours kids by myself to 24 Hour Fitness.  I drop them off at the kids club and I go to work out.  Fifteen minutes later a young african american man taps me on the shoulder and says are you #4’s father?  I say yes.  He looks at me moving his mouth like he ate something nasty and is trying to get it off his tongue.

I ask, “Did something happen?”

He says (shaking his head), “Nasty man…just nasty,”

I ask again, “What happened?”

Apparently my daughter pooped in her diaper, reached down and pulled it out.  After this she rubs it all over her head.  When I got to the kids club, there are like 30 kids in there.  The smell is horrendous.  My daughter is in the middle of the room while everyone else formed a giant circle around her (approx. 30 foot radius).  I go to change her diaper only to find that I forgot the diaper bag at home because I am an idiot.

Had to call the wife out of her rest and she saved the day again.  The story of our lives.


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2 Responses

  1. iris says:

    Wow… I hope none of #4’s friends knows how to read or surf the web yet…

    • thepunypundit says:

      gonna take down that story in a little while…totally forgot that kids look at the internet too. thanks for the heads up.

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